Seymour Congregational Church

Across the street is the Seymour Congregational Church. This group is the oldest church group in Seymour, having organized in November of 1789 with 26 members. The first church building was erected in 1791 on the site now occupied by the Methodist Church on Pearl Street. In 1818 this building on Pearl Street was sold and a new edifice was built on South Main Street on the land which is now the site of the Old Congregational Cemetery. This was called the Village Church and then called the Humphreysville Congregational Church.

As the population of the town grew, members of this village church realized a larger more centrally located church structure was need and construction began on the present building in 1846 and was finished in 1847. By 1890 the church was again enlarged and remodeled and incorporated as the Seymour Congregational Church. In 1907 the Albert Swan Memorial parish house was erected next to the church. Today this congregation has recently renovated and restored their Church and the Swan Memorial building to the right acts as the center for many parish activities.

The large brick structure to the left and to the side of the Church is now Seymour's Middle School housing grades seven and eight. This building was built as Seymour's High School in 1916. In the 1930's the auditorium/gymnasium on the south side were added. This building during the flood was covered in water up to the first floor. When the water receded, the foundation on the north end of the building had been washed away. After much town government discussion, the building was cleaned and repaired. Within several years an addition of 7 classrooms were added to the north end of the building.

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Seymour Congregational Church

Go straight though the traffic light  up West. Street about .1 mile to the trinity Cemetery.

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