Old Congregational Cemetery

 Burials began at the Old Congregational Cemetery after the turn of the century. Notable Seymour residents buried here are John DeForest, Deacon Bradford Steele, a Revolutionary soldier, and the Stiles and Dayton families.

If you look across the Naugatuck River on your left, you might be able to spot the American flag flying proudly over Castle Rock a rocky mound about 340 feet above the River.

Legend has it that a family named Castle, who lived in the house known as the Whittemore Tavern, were responsible for the name. It is said that a personal tragedy befell one of the Castle men and he climbed the face of the rock and hanged himself. People speculated that he carefully carved the name "Castle" into the top of the cliff while contemplating his death. 

What is known is that in 1793, Dr. Samuel Sanford established a smallpox hospital there and that a one room schoolhouse was later established at the base of the rock..

Continue on Rt. 115 to the Whttemore Tavern, Dayton Tavern and Stiles-Stoddard House which will be at a fork in the road. 

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39 Old Congregational Cemetery 

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38 Castle Rock

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