Hoadley's Pond

As you approach the end of West Street, and prepare to turn right onto Route 67 (Bank Street), you will notice to your left what is known as Hoadley's Pond. This pond, created by the Little River, which empties into the Naugatuck River, is a favorite place to ice skate during the cold winter months. During the late 1800's, Mr. Edward Hoadley used the water power from this river to operate a large and very successful saw mill business for 20 years. In 1898 the saw mill completely burned down and he decided not to rebuild. Mr. Hoadley was a well respected citizen of the town and served as selectman for 4 years.

Turn right on Rt. 67 and head towards downtown. On your way, you will pass Klarides Village which was the former site of the 45 James Swan Company. In 1877, James Swan established the company which manufactured almost everything in mechanics tools with universally recognized fame. There were three divisions, covering an extensive area with 10 large frame and brick buildings, powered by waterfalls which are now behind the buildings in the Village. Mr Swan and his family are buried in Trinity Cemetery.

Continue .4 mile to the former Center School which will be on your left.

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44 Hoadley's Pond

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