Beacon Falls Farms

As you leave Seymour and drive up Rimmon Hill Road, just past the Town line into Beacon Falls on your right is Elm Spring Farm where you will enjoy the most beautiful view of the rolling hills to your west. You can just imagine how beautiful it is at sunset. Don’t be surprised to find a deer or two gazing in the open meadows.

Continue on Rimmon Hill to the stop sign. The intersection of West Road, Briarwood and Rimmon Hill and to your left is the McGeever Farm, the oldest house on the west side of Town.

The lands of Beacon Falls first appear in history when Milford was settled in 1639.  The northern boundary of Milford was Beacon Hill Brook, separating the hunting grounds of the Paugasuck and Tunxis Indians. First landowner, Captain Ebenezer Johnson purchased three parcels in the vicinity of  Pines Bridge in 1678. Ensign Riggs and Jeremiah Johnson bought land in 1680. Early in 1871, John Wolfe and others petitioned the Assembly for the creation of a new town, Beacon Falls, out of portions of Bethany, Naugatuck, Seymour and Oxford.

The town of Beacon Falls was so named from Beacon Hill, and from which a small but beautiful waterfall descended.  When the town was named there was considerable desire to call the new district Home after the Home Woolen Mill. Beacon Falls is one of the smallest towns in New Haven County and next to Ansonia is the youngest.

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49 Elm Spring Farm

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50 McGeever Farm

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Go .8 miles to the bottom of Rimmon Hill Road where it meets Pinesbridge Road.

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