Kellogg Environmental Center

The Kellogg Environmental Center is a $1.2 million natural science and environmental educational facility operated by the Bureau of Parks and Recreation of the CT department of Environmental Protection. The design of the Center reflects a deliberate synthesis of form and function which accommodates its multiple missions as a visitor center, an educational program facility, and a technical support facility for the Bureau's other interpretive efforts. The Center houses two public exhibit spaces, two classroom/labs, an exhibit preparation area, a reference library, a nature store, a solar exhibit area, staff offices, and a functional solar greenhouse.

The building incorporates many state-of-the-art solar and energy conservation features including both active and passive heating, hot water, and heat storage systems. The Center currently provides a wide variety of hands-on environmental and natural science programs to schools, civic organizations, and the general public.

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1 Kellogg Environmental Center

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