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The Great Flood of 1955

The Great Flood of 1955 may have been the greatest natural disaster in Derby and Valley history. The picture above gives a small sense of just how serious it was. The white screen in the center of the picture was the screen for the Center Drive In which was located on Division Street where BJ's is located today. The Naugatuck River spilled over its banks and devastated everything in its path. There were no flood control walls in 1955, and torrential downpours from Hurricane Connie had saturated the ground along the east coast from August 10-12. When Hurricane Diane rolled in a week later, the water had no place to go. The Naugatuck peaked at more than 25 feet above flood stage in Beacon Falls. The Housatonic also flooded and the combined flow from both rivers caused extensive damage in the downtown area.

Correct answers came from all over the country!

Correct answers were received from: John M. Rak, Paul Mari, Randy Ritter, Ross Allen, Joan Driscoll, Tony Cannici, Walt Mayhew, Jim Bartlett, Dave Petz, Pat Dimon, Millie from Ansonia, Mary Suess, Ken Dupke, Markanthony Izzo, Jenniegrace Finch, Frank from Florida, Rick Dunne, Mayor Marc J. Garofalo, C.F.Douglass, Ann Searles, Henry Wajdowicz, Jack O'Callaghan, Gene Wajdowicz, Brenna and Kaitie Kelleher, Frank Lazowski, Sr., Jim Stephen, Stan Sroka, Pat Shelton, Marilyn Mizii, Mary Lou boroski, Jack Skelding, Frederick Picroski, Joe Dedo, Ed Baclawski, Tim Bailey, Howard Bradshaw, Beth Colette, Bernard Williamson, Robert Scovin, Tom Chebro, Dave DeRosa, John Asp, Millie from Ansonia, Kathi Ducharme, Andrea Pokladowski, Jack Sheehy, brian mcmahon, Jay Czajkowski, Henry Wajdowicz, Geraldine Green, Fred Grant and Steve Tyburski.

Several other people knew it was the flood, but incorrectly identified the river!

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