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Live Chat is meant to be a tool for Derby residents and alumni as well as anyone else interested in the community. You're invited to be a regular participant. Please feel free to log-in and check for other users at any time. If your browser supports Java, you should be able to participate. If you have an older browser that does not support Java, you will have a message below telling you so.

Generic topics:

Sunday Nights at 7:00 - Education in Derby
Monday Nights at 9:00 - Redevelopment  in Derby
Tuesday Nights at 9:00 - Government in Derby
Wednesday Nights at 9:00 - Sports & Recreation in Derby
Thursday Nights at 9:00 - Politics in Derby
Fridays at Noon - Senior Issues in Derby
Saturday Mornings at 10:00 - Kids Time

This site is not monitored for content, and users are advised that they assume full responsibility for its use.

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