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"Derby in Bloom -1999"

The Derby Garden Society, a "grass roots" citizen organization has announced the winners of the second annual "Derby in Bloom" contest. There was a total of five categories with three prizes in each category of $100.00 for first place, $50.00 for second place and $25 for third place. The "Derby in Bloom" contest was modeled after "bloom" contests of England and upstate New York. The contest is made possible by a grant from the Community Foundation of New Haven and is also funded by a donation from Dr. Dolores Smith. The Derby Garden Society formed in 1995 is made up of all levels of gardening expertise with the intent to beautify Derby. Some plantings include The Derby Green, Veterans Memorial Building, Derby City Hall and other sites throughout the city. The society has been helped by the City of Derby, Veteran Organizations and private donations and are always looking for new members. The only requirement is to have a "what can I do" attitude.

The categories are:

  • Residential Large Space
  • Residential Small Space (new category)
  • Business
  • Institutional
  • Communityspaces

This year's winners were:

Community Space: 
  • First Place : Colleen Ezzo & Family 


  • First Place: St. Mary's 
  • Second Place: Veteran's Memorial Building
  • Third Place: Derby Neck Library 


  • First Place: Juni Moon's/Vonette's 
  • Second Place: McDonald's 
  • Third Place: Roseland.
Residental Large: 
  • First Place: Dick Carloni 4 Fairview Terrace 
  • Second Place: Sandy & Frank Rak/Lottie Fritz 102 David Humphrey's Rd. 
  • Third Place: Dora Carlson 69 Seymour Ave. 

Residential Small: 

  • First Place: Ralph Cappiello 5 Stephen St. 
  • Second Place: Gerald Moscariello 1 Stelmack Rd. 
  • Third Place: Jenniegrace & Edward Finch 38 Mohawk Ave.

Check out last year's contest here.

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