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"Derby in Bloom - 1998"
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The competition is over, and here are your winners!

Prizes in this First Annual Flower Gardening Competition held during the summer were awarded in each of the following categories:



Residents First Place - Mr. & Mrs. Michael Keenan, Sr. - 41 Bellview Drive

Second Place (Tie) - Mr. & Mrs. Frank Rak - 102 David Humphreys Road
    Linda Casini -136 Park Avenue

Third Place - Marilyn Passander - 5 B Street

Businesses First Place - Roseland Apizza - Linda Lucarelli - 350 Hawthorne Avenue

Second Place Juni Moon Vonete's - 71 Elizabeth street

Third Place McDonald's Restaurant - 44 Division Street

Institutions First Place - Derby Neck Library - 307 Hawthorne Avenue

Second Place - New Life Community Church - 300 Elizabeth Street

Third Place- Griffin Hospital - Gene Delaurentis

Community Groups First Place - Boy Schout Troop III - Randy Ritter - Housatonic Corenr Lot - Main Street

Second Place - Virginia Russo - Lincoln School Cleanup - Minerva Street


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First, second and third prizes were awarded in each category except Community Groups which had two prizes. The prizes are:

  • Four First Prizes of $100.00 each

  • Four Second Prizes of $50.00 each

  • Three Third Prizes of $25.00 each

Derby  in Bloom is sponsored in conjunction with the Derby Garden Society and partial assistance of The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven, the Bank of Boston in Derby, Dr. Dolores Smith and the Smile Dental Center.rule.gif (1081 bytes)

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