Medal of Honor Winner PFC Frank Witek Memorial Park Dedication

May 29, 1999

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Bernie Williamson was the Master of Ceremonies
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Many veterans participated in the event
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Leatherneck Color Guard led the way
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Presenting of the colors before the speakers platform
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Veterans groups in the Valley displayed their colors
Witekdedication9.jpg (98772 bytes)
Life Scout Sean Henry led the Pledge of Allegiance
Witekdedication10.jpg (104961 bytes)
Welcoming remarks given by Mayor Garofalo
Witekdedication11.jpg (108843 bytes)
Veterans Commissioner Gene Midliaro stirred the crowd
Witekdedication12.jpg (100132 bytes)
Congressman Maloney giving his remarks
Witekdedication14.jpg (95778 bytes)
Deborah Ann Witek read a special peom
Witekdedication15.jpg (106286 bytes)
Unveiling Derby's newest monuments
Witekdedication16.jpg (110291 bytes)
Jean Christy - PFC Witek's sister
Witekdedication13.jpg (108161 bytes)
Stephanie Musloff - PFC Witek's other sister
Witekdedication18.jpg (103762 bytes)
The Marines provided the volley of salute
Witekdedication19.jpg (83885 bytes)
Frank Calistro played Taps to end the ceremony
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