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This page contains a listing of "Derbyites" - both those who live here now, and those who are still here in spirit even if their bodies aren't. To add your name to the list click here. If a Web Site is listed, click on the Y to go there. Click on the name to send mail to that person. All those listed on this page have asked to be listed.

Current Residents


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Web Site Name DHS Grad


 Asp,John R.  
  Avery, Christi M  

Moved to Derby in 2006, work in Bridgeport

  Ayrton, Cheryl M  Financial Advisor, MS, CFP(R), mother of Tyler and Teran.
 Bafundo, William J Living in Derby 2 years. We need a golf course
 Emilio and Melanie Battaglino'76 - 81 Michigan 
 Bailey, Amanda2003Now attending Bloomsburg University, Bloomsburg PA.
 Bailey, Devon M. I just moved to Derby in June 1998 to work as an engineer for Sikorsky. I came from a small town in the Connecticut Western Reserve in Northern Ohio. The similarities between here and there are numerous!
 Bailey, Tim Pack 3 Webelos Leader, DYS Coach
 Bartone, Rick & Cory'78 & '83Need tile work done, call us!
 Barriga, Jennifer1985 
 Barriga, Pablo1985 
 Bellone-Anderson Maria1981 
 Bernor, Robyn and Mark Just moved to Derby Nov.01. Have three kids Jordan,@DHS,Jonah@DHSand Cody at Irving
 Birtwell, Rodger  A Derby resident and property owner for twenty-five years.
At the union of two historic rivers is a jewel. Its setting is its history and the affluence that surrounds it. It is about to be discovered and recognized. It offers a return to the simplicity of purpose in which America and its values were grounded and to which it will ultimatly return when the tinsel tarnishes.
 Blackwell, Maria  
 Bliesener, Dawn   
 Boroski,Robert, A1996 
 Bradshaw, Howard J.1964After living in this town a very long time, I can honestly say that its still a great place to live.

Bradshaw, Mary Ann

 Bradshaw, Michael, J.1995 
 Breitzke, Jennifer I have only been in Derby a year, but I really like it here in the valley.
 Brewer, Marianne E1986 
 Budzinski, Dianne Well folks I just couldn't stay away. Been gone six years and just recently moved back to the house on Hawkins Street. I love Derby.
YBussell, Larry Give my Home Page a shout, over 300 live chat areas
YCalvert, Brian, Sheila Got off the boat from England in 1969 and came straight to Derby and have lived and worked here since...All of our children graduated from Derby High
 Cannici Michael A1995I like this site Its a good way to reconnect with people.
 Cannici Tony J. 1963 
 Diane Cannon Go Derby Cheerleaders and best of luck this coming year! Congratulations on last years girls going to MASS. Lets do it again!!!
 Ralph Cappiello Resident for 9 years and loving it!!
 Carbone, Kelli  
 Carey, Frances, H.1942 
 Carloni, Donna1989Go team Garofalo!!!
  Carlucci, Bob  A cute little city with very nice people.
Close to everything. Living in Derby since 2000.
 Carr, Donna M.1977Derby is a great place to live. I am glad I am a part of the Derby family.
 Carroll, Maureen K. I have many concerns regarding who will be the future leaders of the Derby High School system. The education and guidance the children receive should be a large priority.
Casa,DomenicI went to school here and have been back for 14 years
 Cavagnuolo, John and Emma1951Lived in Derby all our lives. There's no place like home - and Derby will always be home.
  Celone, Stephen  
 Clark,Karen,A. Children - Matthew,DHS Grade 8, Amanda,Bradley School Grade 5 Member DHS PTO, Bradley School PTA 2nd VP, Derby Parents Coalition.
 Cobaugh, Amy, (McEvoy)1985 
Y Coelho, Daniel J.  Freelance Professional Logo, Graphic, & Web Designer in Derby, CT.

Columbo, Freddy

 Conlon, Sean1994As a student at the University of Connecticut, I don't get to spend as much time in Derby as I would like to. Growing up here was a fantastic experience through which I have been given a unique position to view the rest of the world with.
 Conlon, Tim, C1977Kim and I still living in Derby and loving it more each year. Great place to call home. Great web site.
 Connors, James L. Member, President of Derby Senior Center.
 Connors, Kelly2000 
 Conte, Robert, C.2007 
 Coppolo, Allen J. Asst. Chief, Derby FD Member, Storm Ambulance
 Cota, Rosalie  
Y Cummings, Troy  
 Czajkowski, Jason, S1989Been here all my life, except for a two year vacation in Baltimore...
 Darginsky Dina  
 Davies, Corri2002Derby is a great town to live in! Everyone knows everyone! Go Raiders!
  Davis,William  I moved here in 2004. I love this city
 DeBarbieri, Matthew1990 
 DeFeo, Tony1980Derby's so good I had to come back!
  DeFrancisco, John P1964 Proud to have been born in Derby, been a teacher at DHS for 38 years and a coach for 27 years. So many wonderful experiences and friends I have experienced over the years. Would not of had to lived anywhere else.
 Degregorio, Denise 1985 
 DellaRocco, Gary & Patty1983 & 1982PRIDE," you can take the boy out of Derby, but you can't take Derby out of the boy"
 DeGennaro, Paul L1974Assistant Fire Chief
 DeGennaro, Toni, M1984Good luck Derby Pop Warner Cheerleaders and football players. Go Midgets!! This is our year girls!!2003
 DeGregorio,Michelle R.1985 
 Della Rocco, Clem & Carol1962Born & raised in Derby. We love to take vacations, but there's no place like home!!!!!!!!
 Frank DeNigris1960Owner/President - Facilities Maintenance Service, Inc.
 Deptula, Kathleen1988 
 DeTullio, Kevin Michael2001 
 DiCarlo, Rich Lived here a couple of it.
 DiDonato,Jason J Longtime Valley resident. Derby's a great place for me! Great people, great food, and a great community!
 DiMartino, Joe & Lori' 85 & '86 
 Dinice, Paul Jr.1971 
 Darginsky Dina Love the town.
 Dirubba, Angelo1994 
 Douglass Clarence F  
 Driscoll, Joan Live and work in Derby. Neat little town with a great history. Love it
  Duh, James, E 

Derby resident for 33 years, (dec, 2010)

 Dunne, Rick1981 Director of Valley Council of Governments for Ansonia, Derby, Seymour & Shelton.
 Emond, Michael Living in Derby since 04-2002.
 Erhardt, David & Georgann we have lived in derby for 30 yrs. and have made many long lasting friends. our daughter jeannine graduated DHS 1989. she and her husband own "THE GOOD EGG" in derby. come join us!
  Ezzo, Colleen 1983 
 Fagan, Brian, C  
 Fagan, Mark E.  
 Smith (Falcioni),  Robin1981Always have PRIDE and you will win.
Born and raised in Derby and now raising my family in Derby.
 Filion, Desiree1981 
 Fitzsimmons,Patrick and Marylou1980 
 Flora, Michael J. Derby is a unique place. I've never been part of a community where neighbors are this friendly and everybody knows everybody. It's a great place to raise my kids.
 Froehle, Richard Former Board of Education Member
 Fusco, Linda Former Third Ward Alderwoman
 Gabianelli, Alfred D. Retired mailman. Antique person now. (Been there, done that)
 Garlin-Kane Katherine 1979Born and raised in Derby. Still here raising my two girls Emily and Mollie.Proud to say we're part of the Derby family.
 Getlein, Karen 1989 
Genovese (Carbone), Elizabeth A.1982
 Gerckens, Art & Patsy (Altieri)1980 & 83 
 Gerckens, Chantal & Kevin1994/1987Still here. Two girls now. WE NEED NEW SCHOOLS, THERE IS NO MORE ROOM LEFT!!! R & K lawns & More all us, or email. Gerckens Office Remedies - all your office and business needs without the overhead!
 Gerckens, Kevin1987 
 Getlein, Karen J.1989 
 Gilloren Barbara J  
 Emrie, Giuliana, l. My husband Mike and I with our son, Mike jr., just recently moved to Derby two months ago we love it very much.
 Geri Taylor Golski Owner "King Queen Pawn"
  Goodrich, Crystal, M  Moved here in January 2013 and absolutely love it. The city is a great place to raise kids and because it's small you learn to know everyone.
 John Grabarz Born and raised in Derby, came back several years ago to open my business here in downtown. Jonathan Michaels Real Estate LLC. Located in the Plaza on the green. Feel free to stop on by, on display in my office is 1920 Aero view of Derby depicting all of the Industires that were present in our hey day. The changes just might surprise you.
 Graham, Lillian1968 
 Greco Cota , Arlene S.1974 
 Guarascio, Lorna1973 
 Guliano Mark1981Born and raised in Derby. I'm a Funeral Director , a member of Storm Engine Co and the ambulance and rescue corp
 Guluzzy, Barbara, A.1986 
 Haefele, Chantal, M1994Derby is a fine place to live, obviously because I keep coming back!!
 Hassan, Bedri  (Tootie )1954Lived here most of my life, growing up at Jo-Ann's Restaurant on Elizabeth St. Currently own Tootie's Limousine Service.
  Havanec, Richard J.
 Henri,Eileen,Riordan 1976Pack 3 Cub Scouts Den Leader
Realtor- Rupwani Associates Real Estate Seymour,Ct.
  Henri, Kevin 2007Lived in Derby my whole life. DHS's principal must be retiring because he doesn't want to put up with me after he already had my two brothers and my mom go there.
  Henri, Sean, P 2002 
  howell lacey nichole1999lived in derby all my live and a grad from derby high
 Hughes, Ken J. Derby resident, 33 years.
 Hunter, Dawnmarie 1983Tiger Scout Co-ordinator Pack 3
 Hyder, Robert 1991Life-long Derby resident and D.H.S. Freshman Football Coach.
 Izzo, JohnPaul T. 1974A place where everybody knows your name.
  Izzo, Markanthony 1976No better place to live than Derby and the rest of the Valley!
  Jasgur, Leslie E Owner United Coupon direct mail company.. Vice president Derby Neck Library Friends of Library.
 Joel, David Proud father of Derby's 2 best students
 Joel, Lauren, A I am a student at Derby High School. Go Raiders!
  Johnson, Dawn and Reggie Moved to Derby in 1997.
 Kapusta, Marie C. Hi I recently moved to Derby back in Sept 2007,recently married& looking to get involved w/community as well as employment in area.
I have lived in Meriden all my life &upon moving to the Valley love the area that I live at &would like to meet more people. I have been involved with community service for over 12 years &have organized many events,worked them as well as fundraising. I also love kids &do face painting. Hope to meet some of you soon.
  Kearney, Pat Moved to Derby four years ago from West Haven, CT
  Kelleher, Catherine 1946 
  Kelleher,  Maureen 1971 - MikeDerby is a great place to live. 
Kelleher, Mike 1971Former member of the Board of Aldermen. Please contact me with any questions or suggestions concerning Derby.
Y Kemmesies Jr., Kurt 1997Born, raised, and still live in Derby. I am the Vice President of family owned and operated Alert Alarms Inc., and am a past Captain of the Hotchkiss Hose Company #1.
  Kieley, Dennis 2006 
  Krugel Bob Derby is moving forward, I hope it becomes a place that our children come back and raise their children here in derby .
 Krugel,Tony, F. Go Derby!!!!
  Lane, John P.  
Y Lawlor, Keith  Our small town has the biggest potential...
 Nick Lazar 2003Derby track and field forever!!!!
  Lazowski, Andrew 2000Attending Hofstra University
  Lazowski, Eric M. 2004 
 Lazowski, Frank E., Jr. 1997Went to Derby public schools.
  Lazowski, Frank E., Sr. 1972Lived in Derby since 1954.
  Lee-Dicks, Alexandra  Moved to Derby in 2006.
  Lenart, Ellen 1975 
 Lenart, Thomas, J 1971Director of Emergency Medical Services - Storm Ambulance
  Littlejohn, Ed & Joy We LOVE our town and have been long time valley residents. Joy is a Realtor for William Raveis and Ed works for the Macintosh computer Creative Services group in Stamford (for now!). We also have a loving Brittany Spaniel, Dougal, as part of our family.
  Loftus, Mary E. 1973 Just moved back to Derby last year. Glad to be back !!!
 Lombardi, Robert J 1950Great town to live in. Go raiders.
  Lupone,Renee (Herbette) 1976 

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