Greenway Getting Extension

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At the end of a National Park Service Bike Tour promoting the Naugatuck River Greenway in 2012, Mayor Anthony Staffieri announced that the City has signed the contract to extend the Greenway and that construction will begin in October. Click here to learn more. The project is being managed by the Office of Economic and Community Development. Check with them for the latest information.

Site preparation work began late in fall 2012, and the work will be completed in the spring of 2013. Click on each picture for a much larger image.

These pictures show the progress of the work through April 18, 2013.

The City of Derby is in the midst of building an extension to the trail system on the O'Sullivan Island portion of the Greenway. The extension will include the installation of a pedestrian footbridge over one of the inlets from the Naugatuck River near the current cul de sac next to the railroad bridge. The maps below show the existing trail marked in blue and the extension in red. Click images for larger renderings.



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