Newark, NJ

For some time we have listed four fountains for New Jersey - 3 in Newark and 1 in Belleville. Until now, we have only listed the street locations that were the probable sites for them. We are now moving closer to authenticating the information and even have a picture of one of them as you can see above with assistance from Beth Zak-Cohen, Librarian at the Charles F. Cummings New Jersey Information Center at the Newark Public Library.. However, we are not sure which of the fountains it is! As you can see below, on May 25, 1906 Newark agreed to accept three fountains though the location was unknown at that moment.

On June 6,it was left to a Mr. Denman and Commissioner Phillips to come back to the city with a final recommendation for locations. Among their choices were Springfield Avenue and Market Street, Avon and Clinton Avenues, and Washington and Arlington Avenues. We had sites for two of the fountains listed as Market & Madison Sts. & Passaic Ave. and  Washington, Lincoln & Belleview Aves. The fountain pictured above does not have a site listed.

In June 1906, we also have a news article that says Belleville had voted to accept a fountain and allow John H. Eastwood to select the site and put a light on top at his own expense. It indicated that Mr. Eastwood was likely to select Academy and Main Streets while we have a listing fro Rutgers and Main Streets.

So, We're just about positive that New Jersey got their fountains, but the search goes on verify everything and find out what happened to them!

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