As of 2/23/2015 this page is an archive of the Electronic Valley. The City of Derby has new website, and you can find information on the Building Department here.

Building & Housing Code

Carlo Sarmiento

City Hall
1 Elizabeth Street

The Building Official’s office is open Monday thru Friday 9am to 5pm. Inspections are normally done from 12 noon to 2pm.

A complete set of the Zoning Regulations may be purchased from the Finance Department at City Hall.
For reference purposes only, you can now view the City Zoning Regulations on-line here

The Valley Council Of Governments GIS Map Service allows internet users to obtain property assessment information as well as zoning, environmental, and planimetric data. Click here to access the maps

Documents Available for Download:

These forms are sample copies of various permit applications in the Derby Building Department.  They are for illustrative reasons and should not be used for formal applications. Multi part and numbered forms are available in the Building Department

Application for Building Permit

Application for small repairs

Application to demolish.

Application for commercial construction.

Application for electrical work.

Application for heating and fuel equipment.

Application for a generator permit

Application for plumbing.

Application for a roofing permit

Application for a sign permit.

Application for a flammable tank installation

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