Sponsors Make Delegation Possible

The Valley's delegation to the All America City Competition in Louisville did a fantastic job in representing the Valley and bringing home the All America City designation. As with all such efforts in the Valley however, this was a team effort involving many who did not go to Louisville. A major part of that team effort involved donors and sponsors who made it all happen. We want to take this time and space to acknowledge their significant role in making this an All America City community:

Support services for the Valley's effort are being provided by the Greater Valley Chamber of Commerce, Valley United Way and Griffin Hospital .

If you would like to join this effort as a sponsor, please contact Bill Powanda at Griffin Hospital in Derby (732-7515) or Jack Walsh at Valley United Way (735-9331). You can also click on their names to reach them by e-mail. Click here to learn how you can become a sponsor of the All America City Weekend Celebration.

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