All America City Delegates Host Latex Employees

In the true spirit of the Valley's All America City award, delegates hosted a family dinner for the employees of Latex Foam who suffered a devastating fire that destroyed their business in Ansonia. The world's largest manufacturer of latex mattresses was destroyed in a spectacular fire that leveled most of its 10 acre site and eliminated most of the 240 jobs at the plant. While Latex officials work to rebuild their business from the ashes, the community response has been as considerate and accommodating as  would be expected in an All America community.

The delegates decided that their last official function would be to host a wrap-up dinner to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the award and to host the employees and management team of Latex. All America City Chair Bill Powanda reviewed the tremendous progress and success that the Valley has enjoyed in the last year and thanked Latex Foam for being a great corporate citizen. Vice Chair Jack Walsh noted that Latex Foam had been featured in the Valley Civic Action Fair Booth in Louisville and praised the community for the response generated to help the employees in their time of need.

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