Sunday & It is Good to be Home a Winner!

On Sunday morning a tired, but very happy band of delegates woke up early to catch their plane home. Of course, they made sure that the coveted All America City award was with them! A nearly three hour stop over in Washington gave some the opportunity to visit the Washington Monument while others stayed at the airport to eat.

Arrival in Hartford was chaotic and loud as chants of "We are the Valley" stopped many travelers in their tracks. Following a "media moment" with WVIT- TV, the delegates hopped on their bus for the final leg of the trip back to Nolan Field in Ansonia. A police escort into town was followed with a boisterous homecoming and more TV interviews with WTNH and WTIC. 

It was an exhausting, but very rewarding experience for everyone involved.

sunday-01.jpg (27551 bytes)
Time to go!
sunday-02.jpg (24984 bytes)
Hurry up and wait....
sunday-03.jpg (28149 bytes)
and wait....
sunday-04.jpg (27287 bytes)
We are ready now...
sunday-05.jpg (25264 bytes)
To wait some more!
sunday-06.jpg (19653 bytes)
And more....
sunday-07.jpg (20767 bytes)
Where did they get those hats!!
sunday-09.jpg (27951 bytes)
Not more food!
sunday-12.jpg (22672 bytes)
Chris' mother came to congratulate him in Washington
sunday-13.jpg (17077 bytes)
Unloading in Hartford
sunday-14.jpg (22575 bytes)
An impromptu pep rally
sunday-15.jpg (19146 bytes)
Bill meets the media
sunday-22.jpg (17158 bytes)
Paul with an Oxford perspective on TV
sunday-20.jpg (22692 bytes)
Sue got equal time for Beacon Falls
sunday-21.jpg (16418 bytes)
Bob made sure that Naugatuck was on display

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