Show Time - A Great Presentation!

Gary & Liz with the Youth Connection

We were even surprised by the talent displayed during our presentation to the judges! After hours and hours of practice at the skilled hands of Liz Kennard and Gary Scarpa, everything came together flawlessly as the Valley presented its own version of a television talk show called "The Valley View" to a respected panel of judges.

Liz served as the host for the show which opened with a musical rendition by the Youth Connection. The delegates had marched on stage with the Ansonia High Gospel Choir leading the way with a "Mighty, Mighty Valley" cheer. In the talk show itself, Liz moderated a discussion of the Valley past, present and future with Mayor Marc Garofalo of Derby, Diane Stroman of TEAM, Inc, and Jack Walsh, Executive Director of Valley United Way. During the discussion, members of the Valley audience stepped to public microphones to highlight special projects in the Valley and to combat the negative questioning of "Mr. Skeptic." Mike Driscoll played the part of the skeptic challenging the delegates to prove that their activities do make a difference in the Valley - and they did with spirit and enthusiasm!

Jack Ribas provided an emotional conclusion to the presentation with a stirring monologue illustrating the importance of the Boys & Girls Club in the lives of so many people in the Valley.

The judges then asked questions for ten minutes. Click here for more on that.

show-005.JPG (13006 bytes)
Getting ready to go...
show-009.JPG (13591 bytes)
Ans. Gospel Choir takes the lead..
show-010.JPG (10978 bytes)
Strutting our stuff....
show-012.JPG (12056 bytes)
The judges.....
show-014.JPG (13951 bytes)
Youth Connection in action....
show-020.JPG (12854 bytes)
Our distinguished panelists!!!
show-026.JPG (14436 bytes)
Cal speaks from the heart....
show-027.JPG (11909 bytes)
Breon puts Mr. Skeptic in place...
show-028.JPG (10188 bytes)
Cheyenne says it all...
show-029.JPG (13659 bytes)
Jack sums it up.....
show-033.JPG (14585 bytes)
The End!!!
show-052.JPG (13613 bytes)
Mighty, mighty Valley...
show-053.JPG (12824 bytes)
Jack thinks we got it right..
show-062.JPG (9190 bytes)
So does Gary....
show-064.JPG (14555 bytes)
And so does Liz!!!!

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