Scarpa, Kennard Develop Presentation

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Gary choreographs our efforts

ThursdayA31.jpg (43529 bytes)
Liz produces the presentation

Click here to see the presentation video.

The Valley delegation going to Louisville is extremely fortunate that Liz Kennard and Gary Scarpa have agreed to produce the presentation that will be used in Louisville. Kennard is an award winning producer at Tele-Media who has produced an enormous volume of community programming including a recent video for Valley United Way that was recognized with a national award from United Way of America. Liz was the main author of the script that was used in last year's effort.

Gary is a teacher at Shelton High School who is recognized across the state for his work at the school and for the tremendous productions that he has produced for the Youth Connection. Gary choreographed the delegation's presentation last year in Philadelphia, but this year he and Liz have an even more original and entertaining production planned for Louisville.

The Valley's presentation this year will be more lively and entertaining than last year with the delegates staging their own talk show on stage. Delegates drawn from all walks of life will tell the story of a dynamic community reinventing itself once again as it has done several times before in its long history. Click here to see action from the rehearsals or here to see photos from the presentation. .

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