Friday Was an Electrifying Day!


Friday was an incredible day to remember for all of the Valley's delegates, but it was the talent and enthusiasm of our high school delegates that provided the biggest moments for all the delegates. First it was the Youth Connection's performance at the presentation that created the air of excitement and energy to carry the show. At the end of the day, it was an electrifying performance from the Ansonia High School Gospel Chorus that confirmed our belief that the future of our community will be in strong hands. Check out the links for some highlights.

In between of course was the most important part of the entire day - the presentation before the judges. It was an experience that those present will never forget as everyone hit their marks as planned. Later in the evening, the Valley's booth attracted large throngs and left very little room to move throughout the evening.

Friday's Schedule:

7:30 am Mayors breakfast

8:00 am Last practice

10:00 am Presentation

6:30 pm Civic Action Fair

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