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Commodore Hull Thanksgiving Day 5K Road Race
November 25, 2004

Students, Holsteins and Seniors Get special attention

All pre-registration is now complete. If you want to run, please register in-person between 6:45 and 7:30 am on race day!

All runners are important in the Commodore Hull Thanksgiving Day race, but we do pay special attention to our students and our most senior runners. Unlike most races which use age groups across the board, this race classifies our student runners by their class in school and gives them a special break for early registration. Students through Grade 8 are part of the Youth Division while High School students have their own division. And if they register early, they get a special price of $10.00.

Runners age 70 and older get an even better deal - they can participate for free! They still get the same t-shirt and goody bag as other runners, but their senior status earns them a free pass.

In most other races around the country, you are likely to find a "Clydesdale" Division, but not in the Commodore Hull Road Race where local history takes precedence. In 2003, the local race committee added the "Holstein" category. Why Holstein instead of Clydesdale? Like many areas of New England, the Valley once had quite a few farms (and we still have a few!), but none attracted more world-wide attention than that of the Osbornedale Dairy. After Waldo S t e w a r t Kellogg married Frances Eliza Osborne, he took over the management of the dairy, acquired a prize British bull and set out to improve the herd. His efforts paid off with a herd that attracted world wide attention. After Mrs. Kellogg's death, an auction of the prized herd attracted bidders from all over the world. The area once occupied by the farm and dairy now encompasses the area better known for the Osbornedale State Park, Kellogg Environmental Center and the Osborne Homestead Museum, Click here to learn more. So in honor of those prized and rather large animals, the committee has added the "Holstein" category as a permanent fixture of the Commodore Hull Race to add a bit of extra fun and history. Holsteins don't get the same price break as students and our most senior runners, but they do get their own division in the race!

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