Olde Uptown Burial Ground

Rev. John Bowes HeadstoneEver wonder who's buried in the "Olde Uptown Burial Ground" - reputedly the oldest public burial ground in the United States? Most early burial grounds were associated with church organizations, but Derby was one of, if not the first community to create a public burial ground. The oldest stone remaining is the Rev. John Bowers (dated June 14, 1687). There is also a period of 241 years between the first and last stone placed in the cemetery.

The entrance to the Olde Uptown Burial Ground is located on Derby Avenue at the base of Academy Hill. Though parking is a bit of a problem, it's worth the effort of visiting with the grave sites of the first families of Derby. Just in case, you cannot get there, you can take a "virtual tour" through the graveyard by clicking on many of the names below to see their tombstones and read the inscriptions where still legible.

This list was originally compiled by Kelly (Palifka) Lindsay and posted on another web site. It has been augmented and updated using an original list published in Samuel Orcutt's History of the Old Town of Derby, Connecticut, 1642-1880. We want to thank Randy Ritter for playing the role of intrepid photographer. Randy spent a considerable amount of time traversing the cemetery grounds to produce the pictorial  record that you see here. His work added several new names to the Lindsay list. Recently, members of the Swift family were located and added to this listing through the efforts of Tim Moore, a descendant of Rev. Zephaniah Swift who spent some time wandering the cemetery collecting data and photos.

bullet ALLING, Clarissa
bullet ALLING, Sidney Died Nov. 7 1849 Aged 42 Y'rs Elizabeth A. Remer His Wife Died Mar 25 1865 Aged 58 Y'rs
bullet BAILEY: Leander  died Sept 13, 1759, ae 39 yrs, 6 mo
Weep not for me While we weep as Jesus weept Thou shalt sleep as Jesus selept There is rest in Heaven
bullet BAILEY: Urbane E., son of Mr. & Mrs. L. A.  BAILEY, died Dec 25, 1848, ae 4 years
My parents dear as you come here, Behold this little hand, Weep not for me but for yourselves, I am gone unto a better land
bullet  BAILEY:Albert HAZELTON, son of C. H. & W. S. BAILEY, died Jul 11, 1863, aged 2 years & 4 mo.
bullet  BAILEY: Eugene THURSTON, son of C. H. & W. S. BAILEY, died Jun 9, 1867, aged 20 years
bullet BALDWIN: Anna B. BALDWIN died 8 Feb 1867 age 68
bullet BALDWIN: C.B.
bullet BALDWIN: Chauncy died 28 Oct 1727 age 49 Lucy, his wife, died Sep 17, 1828, ae 48
bullet BALDWIN: Here lies the body of Mr. James BALDWIN who departed this life ? Aug 1760 in his 57 year of his age
bullet BALDWIN: In memory of Burr BALDWIN son of Mr. Thaddeus & Mrs. Lydia BALDWIN who died 16 Sept 1794(?)1704 in the 14th year of his age
bullet BALDWIN: In Memory of Captain Timothy? BALDWIN who departed this life Dec ? 1800 aged ?
bullet BALDWIN: Here lies the body of Mr. James BALDWIN, who departed this life Aug ye 27th 1760 in ye 57th year of his age The sleeping dust sable drest, Here cease from labor calmly rest, Till conquered death shall be no more, The grave its captive prey restore.
bullet BALDWIN: In memory of Mr. Thaddeus BALDWIN who died 2 Jan 1819 in the 66th year of his age
bullet BALDWIN: In memory of Mrs. Lydia BALDWIN wife of Mr. Thaddeus BALDWIN who departed this life 10 Dec 1804 in the 51st year of her age
bullet BALDWIN : Lydia BALDWIN died Jun 4, 1854, ae 72
bullet BALDWIN: L.B.
bullet BALDWIN: L.B.
bullet BALDWIN: L.B.
bullet BALDWIN: Mr. James BALDWIN
bullet BALDWIN: S.B.
bullet BALDWIN: Mr. Reuben BALDWIN, died May 12, 1809, in the 70 year of his age.
Also Mamre & Isaac, infant children of Reuben & Catharine BALDWIN
bullet BALDWIN; Mamre died May 1, 1796, aged 11 months.
bullet BALDWIN: Isaac died May 1, 1796, aged 1 year 2 months
Behold and see as you pass by, As you are now so once was I, As I am now soon you will be, Prepare to death and follow me.
bullet BALDWIN: In memory of Capt. Timothy BALDWIN, who departed this life Dec 22, 1800, ae 81
bullet BALDWIN: In memory of Mrs. Sarah BALDWIN wife of Captain Timothy BALDWIN who departed this life September 19 1794 in the 75th year of her age Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord
bullet BALDWIN: In memory of Sarah BALDWIN, died Jun 6, 1825, ae 46
bullet BALDWIN: Dr. Silas Baldwin Died Nov. 19, 1813 Aged 84. Mary Plumb His Wife Died Mar 4 1815 Aged 77.
bullet BALDWIN: Here lies ye body of Zerviah BALDWIN, wife to Timothy BALDWIN, died the 10 1734 in the 37 year of her age
bullet BASSETT: In memory of Dea. Amos BASSETT, who departed this life Jul 1, 1802, ae 68. This mortal shall put on immortality
bullet BASSETT: Memorial of Mrs. Olive BASSETT, consort of Dea Amos BASSETT, who departed this life Nov 25, 1822, aged 85 years
bullet BASSETT: Rev Amos BASSETT, D. D., born in Derby, 1764; graduated in Yale College 1784; Tutor in the same four years: Ordained minister of the Gospel and installed Pastor in Hebron 1794: Fellow at Yale college seventeen years: died at Monroe April 3, 1828, in his 64 year. High in attainments as a scholar and Devine: esteemed and beloved wherever known: judicuous faithful and useful in many important public stations: amiable tender benevolent: giving none offence in any thing: and to be long remembered as the man of God well furnished to every good work.
bullet BASSETT: In memory of Benjamin BASSETT who died Mar 5, 1825, aged 85. He was the eleventh offspring of Samuel BASSETT Esq., nine of whom lived to see their grandchildren.
bullet BASSET: In memory of Mr. Ebenezer BASSET who died 20 May 1760 in the 30 year of his age
bullet BASSET: In memory of Samuel BASSET a man long employed in Civil & Military Offices which he discharged with great fidelity and having served his generation by the will of God fell on sleep
bullet BASSET: Two children of Jon & Nancy BASSETT: Daniel Lee died Oct 18, 1819, aged 7 1-2 years; Benjamin Samuel died Oct 24, 1819, aged 4 years.
These pleasant sons although our all Must leave this world at God's first call A strong desire the one exprest To go to Christ and be at rest.
bullet BASSETT: Mr. David BASSETT, died May 21, 1819, aged 69 years
bullet BASSETT: Mrs. Nabby, his wife, died Dec 20, 1803, aged 57.
bullet BASSET: Mr. Ebenezer BASSET 1760
bullet BASSET: Samuel BASSET Esq.
bullet BASSETT: In memory of Glover BASSETT, son of Mr. Amos & Mrs. Olive BASSETT who departed this life Sep 30, 1793, aged 27 years one month and 25 days.
Jesus said I am the resurrection and the Life, he that believeth in me tho he were dead yet he shall live
bullet BASSETT: Lorania BASSETT, died Aug 15, 1868, ae 87
bullet BASSETT: Lucy, wife of Marvin BASSETT, died Feb 27, 1859, ae 77
bullet BASSETT: Lucy M., daughter of Sheldon & Harriet BASSETT, died Aug 28, 1831, age 15 months & 8 days.
She's gone, but where? Ah pause and see Gone to a long eternity. She's gone but where from toil and pain To where eternal pleasures reign. She's gone before her mind could know The ills attending all below.
bullet BASSETT: In memory of Mary BASSETT, wife of Benjamin BASSETT, who died Nov 1, 1823, aged 80
bullet BASSETT: Samuel BASSETT. Esqr, 1764
bullet BEACH: Dr. Warren P. BEACH died 14 Dec 1851 aged 32 He withered, lingered, fell and died, Yet sweet in death he lay. Ah! many wept and many sighed Upon that mournful day.
bullet BEARD: In Memory of Mrs Ruth Beard Consort of James Beard who Departed this life May 13th 1778 of he Small Pox Aged 40 Years 6 Months & 14 Days
bullet BENHAM, Betsey
bullet BLAKEMAN / CAMP: Anna CAMP widow of Guy BLAKEMAN died 28 Jan 1872 aged 73 years & 8 months
bullet BLAKEMAN: Guy BLAKEMAN died Sep 12, 1863, aged 69 yrs 6 mos
bullet BLAKEMAN: Sally Maria, daughter of Gideon & Sarah BLAKEMAN, died Feb 15, 1820, ae 18 yrs.
Stop gay friend and drop a tear For youth and innocense lies here.
bullet BLAKEMAN: Wm. W. BLAKEMAN 1830 - 1907
bullet BOWERS: died Jan 26, 1737 in ye 26th year of his age
bullet BRADLEY / CLARK: David BRADLEY born 26 Oct 1803 died 28 May 1885, Susan C. CLARK his wife born 11 Mar 1809 died 26 June 1899
bullet BRADLEY / HOOPER: Fredrick N. BRADLEY born 10 June 1835 died 9 Dec 1918, Louise G. HOOPER his wife born 17 May 1843(or)1848 died 7 Apr 1919
bullet BRADLEY: D.B.
bullet BRADLEY, Enos & Hannah: Enos Bradley Died Aug. 29, 1805 Aged 79; Hannah Pierson His Wife Died Jan. 26, 1817 Aged 88
bullet BRADLEY: Horace BRADLEY died Aug 28, 1834, aged 45.
Far from affliction toil & care The hapy soul has fled The breathless clay shall slumber here Among the silent dead.
bullet BRADLEY: Lucy, daughter of Horace & Lois BRADLEY, died Feb 1, 1822, aged 2 ye 7 mo & 9 days.
Jesus saith suffer little children to come unto me and forbid them not for such is the kingdom of heaven.
bullet BRADLEY: F.C.B.
bullet BRADLEY: F.N.B.
bullet BRADLEY, George
bullet BRADLEY: Sarah F. BRADLEY born 7 May 1838 died 3 May 1924 >CASTERLINE / BRADLEY: Maria BRADLEY wife of Horace CASTERLINE died 9 May 1871 age 55
bullet BRISTOL: Mary Bristol, died Jun 30, 1743, ae 23 yrs 10 mo and 16 ds.
Her soul has now taken its flight To mansions of glory above To mingle with the angels of light And dwell in the kingdom of love.
bullet BRISTOL: In memory of Nehemiah BRISTOL who died Jan 19, 1829, ae 23
bullet BRISTOL : Richard BRISTOL died Oct 21, 1835, ae 22 yrs
bullet BURRITT: In memory of Mr. Lewis BURRITT who died May 17 1776 in the 31st year of his age
So sleep the saints and cease to groan When sin and death have done their worst Christ hath glory like his own Which waits to clothe the waking dust
bullet BURTON: Nathaniel Burton: Here lies ye body of Nathaniel BURTON son of Mr. Judson & Mrs. Comfort BURTON, born Mar ye 13, 1760 & died Jun ye 27, 1764
bullet CANFIELD, David
bullet CANFIELD, Josiah Dr. In memory of Dr. Josiah CANFIELD, who departed this life Feb 11, 1778, in his 40 year
Remember Lord our mortal state, How frail our life how short the date, Where is the man that draws his breath, Safe from disease, secure from death.
bullet CANFIELD: In memory of Josiah B. CANFIELD, who died Mar 28, 1834, aged 24 yrs & 6 mo.
Then rest there now in peace, the hallowed spot Where sleeps thy dust shall never be forgot Oft age, full oft affectons tear shall lave The flower that blooms upon thy lowly grave. But while thy memory thus we long shall love Thy spirit entered on its rest above Shall chant the song the ransomed only know Beside the stream where Heavenly waters flow.
bullet CANFIELD: In memory of Jane CANFIELD, wife of Josiah B. CANFIELD, who died Feb 23, 1832 aged 19 years
Also Mary Jane, their daughter who died Apr 2, 1832, aged 8 months
Can we forget departed friends? Ah, no! Within our hearts their memories buried lies The thought that where they are we too shal go Will cast a light o'er darkest scenes of woe, For to thier own blest dwellings in the skies, The souls whom Christ sets free exultingly shall rise.
bullet CANFIELD: Josiah, son of Abiram & Ruth CANFIELD aged 17 years died ____
bullet CANFIELD: ____ the son of Abiram & Ruth CANFIELD aged 18 years, died Mar 13, 1741
bullet CANFIELD:  Huldah, daughter of Dr. Josiah & Mrs. Naomi CANFIELD died Nov 25, 1777
bullet CANFIELD: Shelden, son of Dr. Josiah & Mrs. Naomi CANFIELD, d. 14 Oct 1774, aged 2 yrs.
Death has cropt The tender flower.
bullet CANFIELD: William, son of Dr. Josiah & Mrs. Naomi CANFIELD died 14 Oct. 1774 Aged 2 years
bullet CARRINGTON: In memory of Lois CARRINGTON who died Jan 18, 1833, aged ___ years. As a Christian she was beloved. Her heart was open in doing deeds of benevolence for the good and happiness of the human family.
Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord
bullet CARRINGTON: In memory of Dea. John CARRINGTON, who died Oct 8, 1847, aged 76 years
bullet CASTERLINE: Horace CASTERLINE died Apr 24, 1873, ae 65
bullet CLARK: Alphonso Newton died 6 May 1818(?) age 3 yrs & 8 months Susan Christine died 12 Jan 1818 age 6 years 18 months children of Jonah & Hannah J. CLARK
bullet In memory of Mr. Edmund CLARK, who died Jun 30, 1785 in the 32 year of his age.
Ye who now live must shortly die, And lodge your bodies where I lie.
bullet Harriet J., wife of Jonah CLARK, died Nov 12, 1847, aged 34
bullet In memory of Isaac CLARK, son of Edmund & Anna CLARK, who died Apr 1808 in the 24 year of his age
bullet Clark, Jonah Died Aug. 17, 1874 Ae. 61.
bullet Clark, Joseph Platt,  son of Jonah & Mary N. CLARK, who died Apr 19, 1852, aged 8 mos & 8 ds.
bullet CLARK / PLATT: Mary Naomi PLATT wife of Jonah CLARK 26 Jan 1812 - 15 Sept 1899
bullet Not Forgotten - Theodore E. CLARK, died Jan 28, 1861, ae 23
bullet COE: Elizabeth Coe In memory of Miss Elizabeth COE, dau. of Mr. John & Mrs. Hannah COE, who died of the Small Pox May 24, A.D. 1795 in the 22 year of her age
Ye youth and gay Attend this speaking stone Think on her fate And tremble at your own.
bullet COE: Grace Coe, wife of John A. COE, died Jan 21, 1869 ae 42
bullet COE: Hannah Coe
bullet COE: John A Died Died Sept. 23, 1849 Ae 59
bullet COE John Coe who died May 4, 1812, aged 48 years Sarah COE, his 2d wife, died Jan 12, 1812, aged 37 years
All in hope of a blessed immortality, For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, Even so them also which sleep in Jesus Will God bring with him.
bullet COLE(?): In memory of Elizabeth COLE(?) daughter of Mr. John & Mrs. Hannah COLE(?) who died of the small pox 24 May 1795 in the ? year of her age "Ye young and gay attend this speaking stone, think of her fate and tremble at your own"
bullet CRAFTS:  Dr. Edward Crafts
bullet CRAFT:
bullet CURTISS: F.R.C.
bullet CURTISS: Francis H. wife of George H. CURTISS died 1 Mar 1865 28 years
bullet CURTISS: G.F.C.
bullet CURTISS: H.C.
bullet CURTISS: L.M.C.
bullet CURTISS: Lilly M. their daughter died 7 May 1857 at the age of 20 months
bullet CURTISS: M.B.C.
bullet Davis: Anna Maria - Ann Maria, daughter of John B. & Sally DAVIS, died Aug 30, 1824, aged 5 years 14 days.
The wintery blasts of death Kill not the buds of virtue
bullet Davis: John - In memory of John DAVIS, Esqr, who with strong hope in the Redeemer, departed this life Sep 4, A D 1787, aged 69
May this great truth be laid to heart Ye who now live must soon depart
bullet In memory of Mrs. Esther DAVIS, consort of John DAVIS, Esqr, who departed this life, Dec 7th AD, 1791, aged 90 years (fine grain quartz rock stone)
bullet Josiah DAVIS (Blue stone ornamented)
bullet Davis: John B
bullet Davis: John B
bullet Davis: John Bestor - John Bestor, son of John B. & Sally DAVIS, died Sep 14, 1824, aged 1 year 9 months & 6 days.
Happy infant early blest Rest in peaceful slumber rest.
bullet Davis: Josiah - HlyBo Josiah DAVIS, only son of Mr. John & Mrs. Esther DAVIS, who departed this life May ye 25 1760 in ye 17 year of his age.
Job xiv 19 Thou destroyest ye hope of man. Thou prevailest forever against him.
bullet Davis: Ruth - In memory of Ruth DAVIS, late wife of Joseph DAVIS, former wife of Edward GIBB deceased, died Dec 14, 180_, aged 54 years
bullet Davis: Sarah
bullet DEFOREST: David DeForest - Mortis Memento - In memory of Mr. David DeFOREST who as a husband parent and member of society merited unreserved love and esteem, to the very great sorrow of all aquainted with him departed this life triumphing in death Jun 2, 1783 aetatis 38.
My thoughts surmount these lower skies And look towards the place Where I forever hope to dwell Near my redeemer's face. There I behold with sweet delight The blessed three in one And strong affections fix my sight In God's eternal son.
bullet DEFOREST: Richard DeForest - In memory of Richard DeFOREST, son of Mr. David DeFOREST, who departed this life Jul 10, 1776, aged 8 years, 6 mos 3 days.
bullet DePlank: Nicholas - Here lies ye body of Mr. Nicholas DePLANK, who departed this life Jan 26, 1755 in ye 64 year of his age.
O ye that still enjoy your breath Take warning and prepare for death
bullet Durand, John, Dr. - Here lyes body of Doc John Durand - aged 60 years - March 31 ye 29
bullet Durand: Susan - In memory of Mrs. Susan DURAND, wife of Mr. Samuel DURAND, who died Jan 31, 1814 in the 23 year of her age. Also their two infant children who were buried in the same grave.
May angels with their guardian wings This drear tomb o'erspread And guard until the close of time This mansion of the dead.
bullet Fairchild: Mary Ann - Tho Lost to sight to memory dear, Mary Ann, wife of John L. FAIRCHILD, died Apr 5, 1852 ae 24 years 5 mo 17 days
Leaves have their time to fall And flowers to wither at the northwind's breath And stars to set, but all Though hast all seasons for thine own, O death!
bullet EELS: Jospeh Eels - In memory of Joseph EELS who died Oct 18, 1801, aged 64
bullet Also Phebe EELS, his relict, who died Mar 6 1815, aged 64
bullet EARL: Corinthia B. EARL 1830 - 1898
bullet Eliza FREEMAN died Jul 18, 1862 ae 56
bullet Timothy FREEMAN died 1841 ae 80
Sebina his wife died Jan 4, 1843, ae 76
bullet French: Charles - In memory of Charles FRENCH, Esq'r who died Nov the 9 1783 in the 77th year of his age. He was Register for the town of Derby 39 years.
A soul prepared heeds no Delays the summons comes The saint obeys, swift was His flight and short the Road - he closed his eyes and saw his God.
bullet FRENCH: Francis FRENCH - In memory of Francis FRENCH, Esq'r who died May 12, 1824 ae 67
bullet French: Nathaniel - In memory of Mr. Nathaniel FRENCH who died Nov 3, 1781 aged 64 years
Here lies his body Blended with the dust Waiting the Resurrection of the just
bullet FRENCH: Here lies the body of Mr. Noah FRENCH who departed this life 7 Jan 1781 in the 46th year of his age Some hearty friend shall drop his tear On our dry bones and say These once were strong as mine appear And mine must be as they
bullet FRENCH: Died Sylvia FRENCH ? Of ? FRENCH aged 76 years I am come to view the silent shade Where thy loved morm my mother is laid But cannot see thy lovely face Or once more take a last embrace Nor more behod they parental charms Or once more clasp me in thy arms Me thinks I hear thy spirit say O children weep not o'er my clay.
bullet Rebecca, wife of Col. Robert GATES died Jul 9, 1856, ae 74
bullet Bezaleel Brainard, son of Bezaleel & Hannah GATES, was drowned at Derby Landing Apr 15, 1823 - aged 3 years 1 mo and 13 days
bullet Here lies the body of Mrs. Hannah GUNN, wife & relict of Capt. Abel GUNN, who departed this life Jan 24 A D 1781 in the 66 year of her age
bullet Sarah Lydia, daughter of Bezaleel & Hannah GATES, died May 13, 1833, aged 8 years, 4 months, & 25 days
bullet In memory of Capt. Edward GIBBS who died May 5, 1791, aged 42 yrs.
bullet In memory of Miss Lucy GIBBS, dau. of Capt Edward & Mrs Ruth GIBBS, who died Jul 15, 1793, aged 18 yrs.
Youth look on this stone and Remember you are but dust.
bullet In memory of Miss Mary GIBBS, daur. of Capt. Edward & Mrs. Ruth GIBBS, who died Mar 29, 1794, aged 18 yrs.
Youth when you are in health View my change and learn to die.
bullet In memory of John Heppin GIBBS, son to Mr. Edward & Mrs. Ruth GIBBS, who died with the small pox April 23, 1799, Aetat 9 years.
Hard lot to lose this child of mine Since God thought it best, To lay him in the dust I must not murmer or repine.
bullet Sarah, daughter of Truman & Anna GILBERT, died Oct 16, 1830, aged 1 year, 10 months. Also an infant aged 3 weeks
Sleep sweet babes and take thy rest God called you home, he thought it best
Charles Goodwin, their son, died Jan 5, 1848, aged 1 year and 6 mo.
bullet GILBERT: Phoebe Ann GILBERT wife of John W. HAYES born 18 Feb 1814 died 21 Nov 1876
bullet GILBERT: Sergeant David GILBERT, Company B1 Regiment Heavy Artillery CV died 29 Sept 1870
bullet Abigail Gould, daughter of Isaac & Nancy JENNINGS died Mar 1, 1821, aged 4 years
bullet GRIFFIN, J.
bullet Harriet B., daughter of James H. & Maria GRIFFIN, died Mar 8, 1843, ae 18 months
This lovely bud so young and fair Called hence by early domm Just came to show how sweet a flower In paradise would bloom ~ There is rest in Heaven
bullet Gunn: Enos - Here lies ye body of Enos GUNN
bullet GUNN: Here lies the body of Mrs. Hannah GUNN wife and relice? of Captain Able GUNN who departed this life 24 Jan 1781 in her 66th year of her age
bullet HALL: Ambrose Ambrose HALL died Feb 23, 1851, aged 38 years 6 months & 6 days. Although he enjoyed good health for two years in California, he died three days after his return
bullet HALL: Ambrose Edward Hall  Ambrose Edward, son of Ambrose & Charity S. HALL was drowned Jul 2, 1853, ae 8 yrs 9 mos.
This lovely bud that's nipped so soon Shall flourish in immortal bloom
bullet Hall: Sylvester Ambrose, son of Charity & Ambrose HALL died Aug 7, 1742, aged 1 year & 9 months
bullet Hall: Betsey, widow of Ebenezer HALL, died 1868 ae 85
bullet Zephaniah HALLOCK, born Mar 24, 1792, died Jan 11, 1870
bullet Frederick, son of Zephaniah & Sarah HALLOCK, died Aug 7, 1833 aged 3 years, 8 months & 13 days.
This lovely bud so young and fair Called hence by early domm Just came to show how sweet a flower In Paradise would bloom
bullet Wm Henry HALLOCK died Oct 7, 1860, ae 36
Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord
bullet Samuel HARGER died Mar 9, in 23d year
bullet Here lies ye body of Mrs. Abigail HARGER, wife of Mr. Ebenezer HARGER, died Dec ye 25 17 in the 56 year of her age
bullet Here lies ye body of Ebenezer HARGER, died Mar 31, 1736 in ye 69 year of his age
bullet Here lies ye body of Amos HAWKINS, son of Mr. Joseph & Mrs. Marcy HAWKINS, who departed this life May 14, 1769 in ye 3 year of his age.
The sprightly youth must leave this clay As comon food for worms To dwell in bright eternal day In his dear Saviour's arms
bullet Here lies buried the body of Joseph HAWKINS, who departed this life, May 31, 1767 in ye 44 year of his age.
He leaves the abodes of sense To shine in realms above Contemplate his Marker's Grace Sing redeeming love
bullet In memory of Ann Maria, wife of John W. HAYES, who died Jul 13, 1838, ae 30
Also Emma Augusta, their daughter, died Sep 2, 1838, ae 5 yrs & 3 mo.
Wm. Augustus, their son, died Mar 10, 1840, aged 2 years.
bullet My husband, John W. HAYES, died Oct 24, 1849 ae 42
bullet HAYES, John F. - John F. HAYES died Jan 29, 1871, ae 29
He giveth his beloved sleep
bullet Hedge: Charles F., son of Frederick & Susan HEDGE - died Mar 30, 1856, aged 16 mos.
Our Little Charlie, Lovely in life and lovely in death 
bullet HIBBARD / ALLING: Jane I. ALLING wife of Charles HIBBARD 1835 - 1858 Jane I., their daughter died 27 Sept 1858 aged 4 months
bullet Jane L. Alling, wife of Charles H. HIBBARD - died Dec 15, 1858, ae 23 yrs.
Jane I., their daughter, died Sep 27, 1858, ae 4 mo.
bullet HITCHCOCK, Anna died Oct 1833, aet 54
bullet Anna, widow of David HITCHCOCK, died Sep 11, 1853, aet 101
bullet Betsey Hitchcock Died Jan. 12. 1854. AEt. 64
bullet In memory of David HITCHCOCK, who died Sep 15, 1829, aged 76 years
bullet Also David, son of David & Anna HITCHCOCK, died on the island of St. Thomas
bullet Esther HITCHCOCK died Jan 12, 1854, aet 64
bullet Charity HITCHCOCK died Feb 10, 1873, ae 77
bullet Russell HITCHCOCK, died Mar 19, 1850, aet 64
bullet In memory of - Mr Jonathan HITCHCOCK, who departed this life Jan 11, 1808, and interred the 12, being 84 years from the day of his birth
bullet Abigail HITCHCOCK, his wife, died Jun 2, 1802 in the 80 year of her age.
As members of Christ's church they lived, With faith and trust they died. A voice from the tomb and God's word Spectators pause read hear and see, As you are now long once were we. Be warned by us prepare to died, Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord Yea so saith the spirit for they rest from Labour and their works do
bullet Here lyes burried the body of Mrs. Ann HITCHCOCK, wife of Mr. Samuel HITCHCOCK - who deceased Apr 4, 1760, in ye 33 year of her age
bullet HOLBROOK: died 17 Mar 1815 six weeks
bullet HOLBROOK: Betsey wife of Samuel HOLBROOK died 27 Aug 1799 age 27 Stop view my tomb as you pass by, As you are now so once was I, As I am now
bullet HOLBROOK: Col. Daniel Holbrook died April 24, 1843
bullet HOLBROOK: Henry Josiah son of ? David & Mrs. Mary HOLBROOK died May 1812, 2 years
bullet HOLBROOK: Samuel HOLBROOK died 4 Mar 1856 age 86
bullet Mrs Betsey HOPKINS, wife of Frederick HOPKINS, died Jun 29, 1803
bullet HOPKINS, Joseph P Son of Frederick and Betsy Hopkins who departed this life August the 14th 1796 Aged 2 years
bullet HORSEY: Captain Thomas Horsey died June 1789 and Wife Eunice Horsey died 1806 Ralph died Aug 1792, aged 20
Samuel Wm died Aug 1804, aged 26
Ann died Aug 1807 aged 25
Thomas W. died Apr 1836, aged 52
Eunice died Aug 1843, aged 70
Children of T. & E. H. HORSEY
bullet In memory of Beers HOTCHKISS, who died Mar 21, 1835 aged 48 years
bullet HOTCHKISS: Betsey Hotchkiss
bullet HOTCHKISS: Burr Hotchkiss
bullet HOTCHKISS: Cyrus died Jan 27, 1746, ae 72
bullet In memory of Cyrus, son of Catherine HOTCHKISS, who died Jul 20, 1822, aged 18 years.
Cyrus tho' pleasant in his day Was sudden seas'd and sent away
bullet HOTCHKISS: Catherine, wife of Cyrus Hotchkiss, who died Feb 24, 1832 in the 58th year  of her age
bullet In memory of Henry, son of Cyrus & Catharine HOTCHKISS (in the ground)
bullet HOTCHKISS: Elijah who died Sep 2d 1806, ae 72
bullet M H
In memory of Mehetabell HOTCHKISS, wife of Elijah HOTCHKISS, who departed this life Mar 18, 1804, in the 62d year of her age
bullet E H.
In memory of Elizabeth HOTCHKISS, daughter of Elijah & Mehetabell HOTCHKISS, who departed this life Aug 29, 1794, ae 25
bullet HOTCHKISS: Eliphalet Hotchkiss died July 5, 1803 and wife Comfort Harger died March 11, 1802
bullet HOTCHKISS: John Hotchkiss died 1831
bullet Leverette HOTCHKISS died Oct 3, 1826, aged 64
Sarah HOTCHKISS, his widow, died Jan 8, 1842 aged 79
bullet HOTCHKISS: Lieut. Levi Hotchkiss died 1818 & wife Phebe died April 3, 1789
bullet In memory of Mary HOTCHKISS, wife of John O. HOTCHKISS, who died May 16, 1847, aged 59 yrs.
bullet HOTCHKISS: Moses Hotchkiss died May 4, 1799
bullet HOTCHKISS: Phebe Hotchkiss died 1872
bullet HOTCHKISS: Sally Hotchkiss
bullet Samuel HOTCHKISS, died Aug 23, 1841, in Port Leon, Florida, aged 25 years
bullet HOTCHKISS: Susannah Hotchkiss The memory of the just is blessed
bullet HOTCHKISS: S.H.
bullet HOTCHKISS: Sarah daughter of ? HOTCHKISS ? 21 Apr 1819
bullet HOTCHKISS: Sarah wife of Willis HOTCHKISS died 1st July 1866 age 85 and 8 months
bullet HOTCHKISS: Hannah wife of Willis Hotchkiss died Dec 2,. 1875 Aged 73 years
bullet HOTCHKISS: W.H.
bullet HOTCHKISS: Willis HOTCHKISS died Nov 24 1872 age 84 y'rs 7 months
bullet Jacob HUBBARD died Feb 2, 1853, aged 69
bullet In memory of Samuel HUBBELL, who died Mar 7, 1832, ae 54
Farewell dear friend thy race is run Thy pulse is ceased thy breath is gone Thy labors o'er thy spirit fled And thou art numbered with the dead. Yet memory oft shall pay its tribute here And bathe thy cold bed with many a tear, But hope still points to yonder starry plane And sweetly whispers there we meet again.
bullet Here lies the body of Mr. Abijah HULL died Aug ye 10 1733 in ye 28 year of his age
bullet Here lies ye body of Mrs. Ann HULL, wife of Mr Samuel HULL, who died Mar the 22d 1730-1, in the 27th year of her age
bullet Ann, daughter of Samuel & Ann HULL who died Feb 24, 1757 [or 37] in ye 17 year of her age
bullet Here lies the body of Elizabeth HULL, daughter of Joseph & Sarah HULL dtl Apr 16, 1738
bullet Elizabeth Masters, relict of Joseph HULL, Esq - died - Feb 11, 1826 AEt 94
bullet Hannah, dau to - Samuel and Ann HULL died Dec 13, 1737 in ye 12 year of her age
bullet HULL: Isaac Hull memorial stone - he is not buried in the cemetery!
bullet In memory of Joseph HULL, Esq, A Gentleman Whose integrity and capacity for public business rendered his usefulness Very extensive His domestic character As a Parent Husband Friend and Master Was highly amiable The graces of Christianity embellished his life Softened the agonies of Death And gave hopes of a happy Immortality. He departed this life the 24 of Sep 1775 In the 48 year of his age.
An honest man is the noblest work of God
bullet Here lies the body of Capt. Joseph HULL, aged 77 years, died Oct 15, 1745
bullet Sacred to the memory of Capt Joseph HULL, who departed this life Jun ye 12, A D 1778, ae 85. He left an aged window to mourn ye loss of a most kind and tender husband, deeply afflicted children and other relatives to drink in silence the bitter cup of sorrow for the loss of a pious and benevolent parent. By his death the poor were deprived of a most cordial and liberal benefactor; his neighbors and friends of a wise discreet amiable and exemplary Christian. He lived universally beloved and is now gone to receive a crown of immortal glory.
bullet Hull, Levi son of Joseph Hull Esq & Mrs Elizabeth Hull who died Oct 10th 1775 in the 5th year of his age
bullet To the memory of Lewis HULL, son of Joseph HULL, esqr, & Mrs. Elizabeth HULL, who died Oct 10,1 775 in the 5th year of his age
As the fair flower at autumn dieds With new-born charms again to rise So shall thy form sweet youth assume In Heaven's bright climes immortal bloom 
bullet Here lies the body of Mrs. Mary HULL, wife of Capt. Joseph HULL, decd. Apr the 6th 1733 in the 66 year
bullet Hull: Mrs. Sarah
bullet HUMPHREY: Daniel HUMPHREY son of John HUMPHREY & Mrs. HUMPHREY who died 3 Apr ?
bullet HUMPHREY: David HUMPHREY In memory of Mr David HUMPHRIES, son of John HUMPHREYS Esqr & Mrs Rachel HUMPHREYS, who died Mar 21, 1814, aged 28 years
Silent we own Jehovah's name We kiss the scourging hand
And yield our comforts and our life
To they supreme command
bullet HUMPHREY: Elijah HUMPHREY To Elijah, son of William & Maria HUMPHREYS in fond commenoration of his rare promise. Premature mental endowments, high Christian principles, manly modesty and gentle grace of manners, this stone is inscribed. Born May 19 A D 1822 In the flower of youth and early hope at the age of 12 years he was not for God took him Oct 22 1833 and after a dreary interval revealed the mistery of his untimely death Jan 31, 1835.
His remains recovered from the neighboring waters Here await the issues of that day When reunited with kindred dust Mortality hass be swallowed up of life And the Lord shall make up his jewells
bullet In memory of John HUMPHREYS, Esqr, who died Feb 18, 1832 aged 88 years
bullet HUMPHREYS: Major Elijah HUMPHREYS In memory of Major Elijah HUMPHREYS 3d son of Rev. Daniel & Mrs Sarah HUMPHREYS, who died on his passage to the West Indies, Jul 2, 1785, in the 40th year of his age and was burried in the Island of Martinico
bullet HUMPHREYS: Daniel HUMPHREYS In memory of Mr. Daniel HUMPHRIES, son of John HUMPHRIES Esqr & Mrs. Rachel HUMPHRIES, who died Apr 2, 1807, aged 28 yea.
Praises on tomb are titles vainly spent A man's good name is his best monument
bullet HUMPHREYS: Rev. Daniel HUMPHREYS The Revd Daniel HUMPHRIES died Sep 2, 1787 in the 81st year of his age. For more than half a century he was the established minister of the first Society of this town.
Mrs. Sarah HUMPHRIES, the affectionate wife of his youth and the tender Companion of his advanced age died Jul 29, 1787, just five weeks before him.
The seasons thus As ceaseless round a jarring world they roll Still find them happy and consenting spring Sheds here own rosy garland on their heads Till evening comes at last serene and mild When the long vernal day of life Enamored more as remembrance swells With many a proof of recollected love Together down they sink in social sleep Together freed their gentle spirits fly To scenes where love and bliss immortal reign.
bullet HUMPHREYS: Rachel HUMPHREYS wife of John HUMPHREYS, who died Dec 11, 1832, aged 85 years
bullet HUMPHREYS: Sally and Susan HUMPHREYS In memory of Miss Susan & Miss Sally HUMPHRIES, daughters of John HUMPHREYS Esqr & Mrs. Rachel HUMPHREYS
Susan died Sep 2, 1810, aged 26 years.
Like blossomed trees o'erturned by vernal storm Lovely in death the beauteous ruin lay
Sally died May 12, 1812, aged 37 years
Smitten friends are angels sent on errands Full of love; for us they languish and for Us they die; and shall they languish -- Shall they die in vain?
bullet David JACKSON died May 27, 1843 ae 56
Lydia R, his wife, died Apr 5, 1838, ae 49
Levi P. died Apr 16, 1838, ae 20
William P. died Apr 3, 1847, ae 19
David F. was drowned Dec 13, 1837 ae 4
Children of David & Lydia R. JACKSON
bullet JACOBS monument: Eagle, with two heads, on a perch with a cross in the background (writing: spes mea in deo est) On the back; 1883 Monumental Bronze Company Bridgeport, CT
bullet JACOBS: Alpheus M. JACOBS 19 Dec 1847, 11 Jan 1920
bullet JACOBS: Charles T. JACOBS 1852 - 1908
bullet JACOBS: Isabelle JACOBS 1862 - 1913
bullet JACOBS: Isaac P. JACOBS died 15 Apr 1883 in his 60th year
bullet JACOBS: Julia A., widow of Isaac P. JACOBS died 29 Apr 1891 aged 66 years
bullet JACOBS: Leonard JACOBS 25 Aug 1852, 27 Mar 1924
bullet JACOBS: Sarah, widow of Steven JACOBS died 15 Apr 1883 in her 93rd year
bullet JACKSON: David Jackson died may 27, 1843; Lydia B. his wife died April 5, 1838; and children Levi P died April 16, 1838; William F. died April 3, 1847; David F. drowned December 13, 1833; and Harriet F. died August 5, 1837
bullet Here lyes ye body of Alexander JOHNSON, a child of Mr. & Mrs. Elizabeth JOHNSON, born & died Sep ye __ 1729
bullet In memory of Americas, daughter of William W. & Sophia JOHNSON, of New York, who was born in Edgefield, S C May 25,1826, and died in Derby, Sep 20, 1832, aged 6 years & 4 months
The flower in the meadow, the leaf on the tree, The rush of the river are emblems of me, In innocence and beauty they flourish a day, Bloomed for a season then withered away.
bullet JOHNSON: Amos Hawkins son of Mr. Isaac & Mrs. Lois JOHNSON died 26 Sept 1772 aged 18 months "This peaceful babe that lies beneath in charity we must believe died " (rest is buried)
The peaceful babe that lies beneath
bullet JOHNSON, Elizabeth
bullet Betsey JOHNSON died Apr 6, 1869, aged 84 yrs
bullet In memory of Benaia Johnson who departed this life April 13 1763 in the 59th year of his age
bullet JOHNSON: Bennoney
bullet Here lyes the body of Sargt. Charles JOHNSON, died Oct ye 30th 1738 in ye 42 year of his age
bullet David JOHNSON died Jan 2, 1849, ae 77
Susan JOHNSON died Apr 11, 1831, ae 54
Thou art gone from us dear parents, Thy voice no more we hear, Thou has left our kindred circle, A bright home to cheer.
bullet In memory of Mr. David JOHNSON, son of Mr. David JOHNSON, who departed this life Aug 14, 1777, aged 21 years 7 months 23 days
bullet Here lyes ye body of Colo. Ebenezer JOHNSON died Sep 18, 1726 in ye 81st year of his age
bullet Here lyes buried the body of Lieut Ebenezer JOHNSON, who departed this life Sep 10, 1751, in the 65 year of his age
bullet  JOHNSON, Mrs. Elizabeth Here Lyes buried the Body of Mrs. Elizabeth Johnson wife of Lieut Ebenezer JOHNSON, who departed this life Jan 18, 1760 in ye 67 year of her age
bullet Eliphalet, son of Joseph & Margerit JOHNSON, aged 16 years died
bullet Here lyes ye body of Mrs. Esther JOHNSON, wife of Mr. David JOHNSON, who departed this life May 22, 1766 in ye 30th year of her age
bullet JOHNSON,Mrs. Hannah  Here lyes ye body of Mrs. Hannah JOHNSON, wife of Capt. Ebenezer JOHNSON ____ in ye 89 year of her age
bullet In memory of Henry JOHNSON who died Mar 3, 1839 aged 42 years & 3 months
bullet In memory of Henry Owen, son of Wm. W. & Sophia JOHNSON, who died in New York, Jan 13, 1840, age 2 years & 10 months
bullet Huldah M. JOHNSON died Aug 19, 1866, aged 84 yrs
bullet Isaac Johnson the 3rd son of Isaac & Lucy Johnson who died July 3 1777 aged 2 years
bullet In memory of Isaac son of Mr. Isaac & Mrs. Lois JOHNSON, who died 4th Dec 1774 aged 5 years 5 months & 2 days
Ye young, ye gay, this speaking stone Think on his fate and tremble at your own
bullet Here lyes ye body of Lieut Israel JOHNSON, son of Colonel Ebenezer JOHNSON, who died Jan 31, 1712, in ye 24 year of his age
bullet In memory of Mr. Jenaja JOHNSON who departed this life Apr 13, 1763 in the 59th year of his age
bullet Here lyes ye body of Mr. Jeremiah JOHNSON died Dec ye 11, 1726 in the 62 year of his age
bullet JOHNSON: "Ye young ye gay attend this speaking stone think on his fate " (rest is buried in ground)
bullet JOHNSON: ?children of Henry & Amanda JOHNSON
bullet JOHNSON: Isaac JOHNSON the 3rd son of Isaac & Lois JOHNSON who died 3 July 1777 age 2 years
bullet JOHNSON: Isaac son of Mr. Isaac & Mrs. Lois JOHNSON who died 4 Dec 1774 aged 5 years 5 months 2 days.
bullet Mrs. Lucy JOHNSON, wife of Mr. Andrew JOHNSON, died Jul 7, 1821, aged 52 years
bullet Lucy Jennet, their daughter, died Aug 23, 1805, ae 4 years
bullet Capt. Nathaniel Johnson Died 1793 Aged 61
bullet Rebecca, daughter of Isaac & Nancy JENNINGS died Nov 20, 1828, aged 12 years 
bullet JOHNSON, Rebecca, wife of Andrew JOHNSON, died Sept 8, 1857, aged 48 years.
She lived beloved and died lamented
bullet To the memory of Wm. Goodwin, son of William W. & Sophia JOHNSON, who died of hooping cought New York, Oct 24, 1835, ae 1 year & 4 months
A little while the beauteous gem Bloomed on its mother's breast But soon it withered on the stem And sought a higher rest
bullet KEENEY, Lucey
bullet KENNEY, Ebenezer Died April 2, 1851 Aged 71 Years
bullet KELLER / LEIBERUM: William KELLER died 6 Mar 1898 aged 72 years Meria >LEIBERUM his wife died 8 Nov 1896 aged 66 years
bullet KINNEY, Betsey Wife of Ebenezer Kinney Died ? 1817 Ae 64
bullet LAW, Patty
bullet LaRUE: George M. LA RUE died 1st May 1862(?) Aged 22 years
bullet Leavenworth, Ebenezer
bullet LEWIS, Raymond Lewis Son of mr. E? and Mrs ? N? Lewis
bullet LINES: John J. LINES died 2 Apr 1860 age 42(? maybe 12?)
bullet MANSFIELD: Lucy Mansfield died December 20, 1869
bullet MATHER, Phebe
bullet MILLER: John MILLER born 1817 died 1876
bullet MILLER: Louise wife of John MILLER died 23 Feb 1858 age 26
bullet MORSE / THIPPENY: Harriet A. THIPPENY wife of Samuel MORSE dies 14(?) Mar 1880 aged 20(?something)
bullet MORSE / THOMPSON: Charity THOMPSON wife of Orville C. MORSE died 1 Nov 1893 aged 96 years
bullet MORSE / ZIMMERMAN: Mary A. ZIMMERMAN wife of Samuel MORSE dies 28 Mar 1859 aged ?
bullet MORSE: Charles T. MORSE died 22 Mar 1917 aged 90 years
bullet MORSE: Orville Curtiss MORSE died 3(or)8 Apr 1865(or)1860 aged 60(?something)
bullet MORSE: Samuel MORSE died 17 July 1889 aged 65 years
bullet MORSE: Sarah J. MORSE dies 13 Dec 1922 age 94 years
bullet MOSS, Dorcas
bullet MOSS, Mary
bullet MOSS, Nehemiah
bullet MOSS, Nicholas
bullet MOSS, Rev. Joseph
bullet MOSS, Rev. Joseph 2
bullet MUNCER, George C. Co. D. 1  Rect. Cav. C. V. Died Aug. 1 1901
bullet MURRAY, Mrs. Hannah Ann Gates
bullet NEWCOMB: Betsey wife of Silas NEWCOMB died 20 May 1819 age 65 years
bullet NEWCOMB: Silas NEWCOMB died 1825 aged 39(?) Years
bullet NICHOLS: Charles E. Nichols died 1874
bullet OSBORNE: Charity Wife of Lyman Osborne Died Oct. 22 1859 Age 53
bullet OSBORNE: Lyman
bullet PEASE: Mrs. Betsey PEASE
bullet PEASE: Sarah wife of Isaac PEASE died 3 Jan 1830 aged 48
bullet PHELPS: Ira Phelps died Nov., 1852
bullet PRINDLE: 3 small stones: father, mother, Charles
bullet PRINDLE: Charles PRINDLE died 11 Jan 1847 age 23
bullet PRINDLE: Lewis PRINDLE died August 12, 1848?, his wife Betsey and daughter Sarah
bullet PRINDLE:? Wm. N. PRINDLE died 16 Oct 1843 age 44, Betsey A. his wife died /1867 age 68
bullet PROCTOR / FASH: Maria FASH wife of Samuel PROCTOR died 21 Sept 1855 age 57 years
bullet PROCTOR: John B. PROCTOR drowned 20 Dec 1844 aged 9 years
bullet PROCTOR: John PROCTOR drowned 13 Sept 1828 aged 8 years
bullet PROCTOR: Samuel PROCTOR died 15 June 1867 age 79 years
bullet REMER, Capt. Lewis; Died Dec. 25 1841 AE. 56 Y' Rachel Remer, His Wife Died Dec. 25, 1869 AE 84 Y's
bullet REMER, Joseph;  Lucy Maria, His Wife Died Oct. 20 1876 AE. 63 Y's
bullet RIGGS, Betsy wife of Joseph Har--- Riggs Died May 10, 1874 Aged 59 Years
bullet RIGGS, Dewitt Son of Joseph & Betsy Riggs Died July2?, 1813 Aged 19 years
bullet RIGGS, Elizabeth In Memory of Elizabeth daughter of Joseph M. & Betsy Riggs who died Dec. 6 ---- aged 21 years
bullet RIGGS: Here lies the body of Captain Joseph RIGGS who departed this life 31 Mar 1792 in the 83rd year of his age
bullet RIGGS, John. S. 1840-1870 Maria Pardee His Wife 1812 -1850 Celestia 1837 - 1840 Ellen M. 1840 - 1845
bullet RIGGS: : John Riggs
bullet RIGGS: Here lies the body of John RIGGS Esq. who departed this life 24 Sept 1755 in the 80th year of his age
bullet RIGGS: Samuel Riggs
bullet RIGGS, Deacon Samuel
bullet RIGGS: Here lies the body of Samuel RIGGS son of Captain Joseph & Mrs. Mabel Riggs who departed this life 21 Sept 1766 in the 16th year of his age. "Job 29: The eye also which saw him shall see him no more neither shall this place anymore behold him"
bullet RIGGS: In memory of Elizabeth wife of John RIGGS died 17 Apr 1747, 71 years
bullet ROOT: Nancy Root died June 4, 1892 and her daughter Nancy H. Root died September 29, 1852
bullet SCHOENMEHL, Agnes daugher of Carl and Barbetta Died Feb. 22 1868 Ae 15 yrs
bullet SCHOENMEHL, My Parents Carl Schoenmehl 1821 - 1883  Barbetta His Wife 1830 - 1876
bullet SHERWOOD: Priscilla SHERWOOD dies 31 Oct 1851 age 61 years
bullet SHERWOOD, Samuel
bullet SHORT, Amelia E. Wife of Dea. Edwin Riggs Jan. 6. 1810 Dec. 25. 1896.
bullet SHUNK: Cordilla SHUNK 1832 to 1904
bullet SHUNK: Eva SHUNK 1813 - 1894
bullet SMITH: Abraham Fitch Smith
bullet SMITH, Mrs. Betsy In Memory of Betsy Smith
bullet SMITH, Fanny In memory of Fanny Smith wife of Almon Smith who died Feb. 28, 1826 aged 34 years Mother daughter Fanny Sherwood died May 23 18-- Aged 4 weeks
bullet SMITH / GILBERT: Thomas SMITH die 10 Jan 1851... (?can't read?) Children of Thos(?) S. & Mary J. GILBERT
bullet SMITH: Horatio In memory of Horatio Smith who died August 24, 1813 aged 23
bullet SMITH: James SMITH died 10/21/1817 age 80
bullet SMITH: Here lyes the body of Mr. John SMITH who departed this life 5/31 anno dom 1749 my 75 year of his age
bullet SMITH: In memory of ? SMITH (buried)
bullet SMITH: James SMITH died 10/21/1817 age 80
bullet SMITH: John French SMITH son of Mr. Abraham & Mrs. Sarah SMITH who departed this life 20 Apr 1781 age 19 years
bullet SMITH, Josiah Died Feb. 28, 1850 AE 80
bullet SMITH, Josiah H. In memory of Josiah H. Smith who died July 21 1832 in the 29 year of his age
bullet SMITH, Mary
bullet SMITH, Taphenes In memory of Mrs Taphenes Smith relic of Maj. Nathan Smith who died ? 1?, 1817
bullet SMITH, Maj. Nathan
bullet SMITH: Polly Smith
bullet SMITH: Isaac Smith died March 21, 1839
bullet SMITH: Sally wife of Isaac SMITH died 3 Sept 1865 aged 83 years
bullet SMITH, Thomas
bullet SPERRY: Walter T. died Nov. 8. 1849. aged 2 weeks
bullet SPERRY: Willis H. died Oct. 10. 1854 aged 8 weeks
bullet SPERRY: Willis P. SPERRY born Feby 10 1817 died 17 Apr 1894 Eunice Jane wife of W.P. SPERRY 24 Jan 1821 died 29 Sept 1854
bullet SPERRY: Willis P. SPERRY born 10 Feb 1817 died 17 Apr 1894
bullet STREMMELL / SPERRY: Alice J. SPERRY wife of George F. STREMMELL of Newark, NJ born May 31 1847 died  May. 18. 1873 George W. their infant son died 28 June 1873 AE. 7 weeks
bullet SWIFT, Charity W. Booth Booth- wife of Urbane H. Swift Oct 3, 1806 / May 17, 1886 Asleep in Jesus! Blessed sleep!
bullet SWIFT, Chipman (Father of Rev. Zephaniah Swift)
bullet Swift, Mrs. Sarah, wife of Rev. Zephaniah Swift - Died Sept. 27, 1840 in the 68th year of her age.
bullet SWIFT, Persis - July 2, 1811 / Feb’y 28, 1889 Blessed are all they that put their trust in Him
(She was the sister of Urbane Swift)
bullet SWIFT, Samuel, son of Rev. Zephaniah & Sarah Swift Died March 30, 1816 8 years and 6 mos.
bullet SWIFT, Sarah Elizabeth -December 30, 1842 / January 30, 1908 Casting all your care upon him For he careth for you. (She was the daughter of Urbane & Charity Swift)
bullet SWIFT, Sarah – daughter of Daniel Humphreys - married to Chipman Swift  - Died March ????? aged 77
bullet SWIFT, Semantha daughter of Rev. Zephaniah and Mrs. Sarah Swift Died Dec. 3, 1822 aged 13 years and ??? months
bullet SWIFT, Theodosia daughter of Rev. Zephanish & Mrs. Sarah Swift Died Feb 15, 1845 in the 50th year of her age
bullet SWIFT, Urbane H. – March 24, 1814 / March 29, 1893 My God, the spring of all my joys, The life of my delights!
bullet SWIFT, Rev. Zephaniah - born at Wilmington, VT 1771 Graduated at Dartmouth College 1792 ??????????? Roxbury ???????? and Dismissed in 1813 Settled over that Church in this town in 1813 in which relation? he continued until his decease Feb 7th, 1848
bullet TIBBELS: here lies the body of John TIBBELS ?
bullet TOMLINSON / BASSETT: and daughter of Samuel BASSETT Esq. Who departed this life 9(?) Sept 1706 in the 71st year
bullet TOMLINSON / BASSETT: In memory of Mrs. Deborah TOMLINSON comfort? of Captain John TOMLINSON
bullet TOMLINSON / BASSETT: of her age. "She lived beyond and died lamented (unreadable)...her acquaintance"
bullet TOMLINSON: Damoris Tomlinson died December 28, 1823?
bullet TOMLINSON: Dan Tomlinson died December 24, 1831
bullet TOMLINSON: Isaac (Tombstone drawing courtesy of Dick Tomlinson, great-great-great-great-great grandson of Isaac who found the headstone in the graveyard in 1983. The gravestone does not seem to be visible today.)
bullet TOMLINSON: In memory of ? TOMLINSON who dies 28 ? 1828 aged 77 years TOMLINSON: In memory of Captain John TOMLINSON who died 18 Nov 1817 aged 92 years
bullet TOMLINSON: J.T.
bullet TOMLINSON: Sarah
bullet TOMLINSON: Suze Thomlinson died May 19, 1785
bullet TRUMAN: Died 29 Nov, 1860 3(?) yrs & 10 months
bullet TUCKER, Phebe Widow of Reuben Tucker died March 13, 1850 aged 86
bullet TUCKER, Reuben died Nov. 11, 1841 aged 98
bullet WASHBOND, Hannah
bullet WASHBOND, William
bullet WHEELER, Cap. James
bullet WHITNEY, Mrs. Sarah Here lyes y Body of M? Sarah Whitney wife to Stephen Whitney & Daughter to Capt. James & M? Sara Whe--- & Mother of Samuel, ? & James Whitney died ???
bullet WRIGLEY, Richard Ernest died Jan ?? 188? Aged 8 Years
bullet U.S.D. monument: Commander of the Frigate Constitution Capturing the Guerriere 19 Aug 1812.
bullet U.S.D. monument: U.S.D. 1812 - Anchor with five pointed star over it
bullet U.S.D. monument: United Stated Daughters 1812 State of Connecticut in honor of Isaac HULL born in Derby 17 Mar 1773
bullet Unknown: ? Died age 34 (broken)
bullet Unknown: A.S.
bullet Unknown: D.E.
bullet Unknown: F.S.
bullet Unknown: J.E.
bullet Unknown: P.E.
bullet Unknown: Rebecca died 9/8/18? 81 years
bullet Unknown: S.M.B.
bullet Unknown: T.S.
bullet Unknown: Theodore ? Died ? 28, 1861
bullet Unknown: wife of ? Died 21 Nov 1844 age 30
bullet WELLS: Nancy Amelia Wells died April 18, 1852
bullet WOOSTER: Here lies the body of Mrs. Phoebe WOOSTER relief of Thomas WOOSTER who died Mar 1739 age 80 (?something)
bullet WOOSTER: In memory of Edward WOOSTER born 1622 - 1689 the first permanent settler in Derby 1651
bullet WOOSTER: Miss Alice WOOSTER
bullet WOOSTER: Mrs. Alice WOOSTER wife of Mr. Samuel WOOSTER departed life 8 Aug 1774 in her 89th year
bullet WOOSTER: Mrs. Phoebe WOOSTER
bullet WRIGLEY: Richard Ernest WRIGLEY died 18 Jan 1883 aged 8(?) Years


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